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Leadership: Caveman to Modern Man

Leadership: Caveman to Modern Man

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Leadership is as important today, as it was in 5000 BC. This book is unique because it traced the evolution of leadership, its attributes, its various styles, as well as its meaning, from the beginning of time to the present. Leadership attributes of Atilla the Hun, a barbarian, were analyzed, and discussed in depth. The virtues of Moses and Jesus' leadership style were discussed and applied to the newest style of leadership, Servant Leadership. Research left no doubt that political, business, religious and personal leaders have the power to influence and change our lives. In our rapidly changing world, the need for leadership has remained constant and may be more crucial than ever. Visionary leaders have inspired many positive developments. There are also leaders who however gifted, have used their powers destructively, creating many horrors throughout the world. Our cities are in crisis, our neighborhoods are in turmoil, and our political leaders, all too often, are ethically compromised. The nation is crying out for its leaders to address the many issues that confront us, but it cries in vain. This publication addressed our leadership crisis head on by providing readers with the tools of empowerment so that they can further develop their own leadership abilities. Perhaps by studying the topic of leadership from the beginning of time, future leaders will find themselves better equipped to meet the many challenges that face us.