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The 7 Minute Difference: Small Steps to Big Changes

The 7 Minute Difference: Small Steps to Big Changes

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This book coaches readers to realize their full potential by focusing on four fundamental truths: Change begins to happen the moment you decide to change ; you must want to change; you must expect change; you should enjoy the process of change. Drawing upon years of experience as a motivational speaker and financial advisor, Lewis shows how she has successfully used these principles to help thousands of corporate executives, financial advisors, insurance executives, entrepreneurs, accountants, and attorneys change their lives. Chapters are filled with concrete examples, anecdotes, and sage advice, such as ""Life is like luggage, there are limits to what you can take on the journey"" and ""If you want your life to be different, you must be different.""With humor and flair, The Seven Minute Difference spurs people to unlock their purpose, knowledge, and passion, and as a result, transform their lives at work and at home.Allyson Lewis inspires readers to:Define a mission and action plan that will support changeImplement change and keep the momentum goingPaint the canvas of your life – map out your goalsPrioritize, organize, and simplify work and life to achieve greater productivity