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BEING, The Radiant Force Within: The Autobiography of My Soul

BEING, The Radiant Force Within: The Autobiography of My Soul

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AWAKENING AWARENESS During the course of preparing for publication, many personal interviews were made in a test of the present stage of awareness of an individual's sense of self, of who the "I am" really is. These interviews were generally spontaneous, conducted in a natural setting during a conversation in which I would take advantage of a pause and quietly say: "I am going to ask you three questions which will change your awareness of who you really are. You will simply give me one-word answers, and by doing so you will begin to think of yourself in a new way. First: Are you more than a body? Yes, I am more than a body" Second: Since you are more than a body, what is the "more?" What is the "more" than my body? My Soul. Third: Since your soul is "more" than your body-think now-are you a body with a soul, or are you a soul in a body? Which has domain, your body or your soul? Which is the real you? (Longer pause) Most replied by saying "I am a soul in a body." ********** "With" or "in" is determinative, and the one you choose, like a fork in the road, will control your path ahead. If one chooses "with," it is an admission that Darwin is right; we are Homo sapiens, intelligent animals descended from the ape. As Donald Trump said, "Life is what you do when you are waiting to die." If one chooses "in," then one believes we cannot die. We are Human Beings, ascended from within, on the earth but not of it, destined to graduate when our bodies die and we return to the universe from whence we came as Souls in the form of radiant energy. The key to the fork in the road is awareness, for we become as we think. Who we think we are is that which we become. Descended from the ape or ascended from within, there is magic in the awakening of awareness of who is in control during our time of life on earth, and the personal awareness of who "I am" ignites the presence of enthusiasm within us-entheos: God within. *********** BEING . . . is Nathan Shippee's autobiography of his Soul following his out-of-body experience.