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Development-oriented Finance and Economy in China: A Historical Review and Prognostic Assesment

Development-oriented Finance and Economy in China: A Historical Review and Prognostic Assesment

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In attaining economic globalization, China needs world economy, world economy also needs China. This book outlines the foundation of an analytically oriented public finance that intends to promote sound development of China, and discusses various contemporary topics, including the impacts of the tradition, the mechanisms of economic policies and operations, the modernization perspective and international trade conflict, as well as current rural issues and the legal environment in China. The book focuses on explaining China's special phenomena, and trying to provide answers to questions on 'why'. The intent of this book is to share the knowledge and experience that author has gained from working in China and the United States of America and to serve as an intellectual bridge for global investors, economists and market watchers in general to understand China better. "This Book is the story of an economic revival unlike anything seen before. It is the story of a "Mixed Economic System" that to date has achieved remarkable economic gains. It is a story of how directed investment with a purpose which combines Government to kick start free enterprise can work. It is also a story of trial and error and practical applications of capital flows based on measured results. It is a story that accentuates the value of pragmatism and flexibility to change course instead of slavish adherence to ideology. It is also a story of how much more needs to be done to spread the economic resurgence across all segments of the population and all regions of the Country. The Book is a "must study" for graduate students in economics and finance." A. Robert Abboud, former Chairmen of the First National Bank of Chicago, Chairman of First City Bank of Texas and President of Occidental Petroleum.