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Aim High

Aim High

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If you have always wanted to succeed in business and needed down-to-earth advice, here is the book for you! Herb Ames, one of the most successful African-American business people in the state of New Jersey, has worked with his biographer, Oana Nechita,reveal his work, struggles, successes, and wisdom. The result is Aim High: Common Sense Success for Common Sense People, the deeply insightful biography of a man who has transformed himself, his business, and his community through hard work and a strong philosophy. Much has been written on Herb Ames in the local media, but few have come to know and appreciate the man whose story begins with a humble childhood spent working to help the family while trying to excel academically. Herb Ames developed hntrepreneurial skills early in life and cultivated a strong work ethic built on his parents' example. Gradually, he became one of the most influential business people and community developer in New Jersey. Ames spent countless hours responding to Nec's questions, recollecting personal memories, giving complete access to his family, friends, and business associates. He reaches across racial, economic, and cultural dimensions and candidly reflects on personal failures and successes to compile a succinnd essential guide to success. The book appeals equally to current entrepreneurs, successful businesspeople, or simply any person seeking common sense guidance to achieve the ultimate American dream. This book will motivate you to update your resume, goals, and AIM HIGH!