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Grievance Guide

Grievance Guide

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Learn how to effectively resolve management-employee disputes at the settlement stage and during arbitration by becoming familiar with the criteria and prior arbitration rulings that arbitrators rely on in resolving grievance issues.The easy-to-use Grievance Guide summarizes thousands of real-life arbitration awards to illustrate the factors arbitrators consider when ruling on management-employee disputes.Extensive Additions and Revisions! The updated Twelfth Edition has been extensively revised, with significant updates and changes to chapters on:Damaging Employer Property,Dishonesty and Theft,Electronic Communications and Computers,Family and Medical Leave New Chapter Health Care Benefits,Incentive Pay,Seniority,Smoking Restrictions,Subcontracting and Outsourcing,Work Hours and Schedules.The editors give you a complete picture, topic by topic, of the precedents and guidelines neutrals are using to address grievance issues today.Helpful overviews of the many topics covered in the guide and citations to the full text of the arbitration cases help you to understand and properly handle numerous types of grievable issues.Grievance Guide brings you in a single, easy-to-use handbook all the most important labor arbitration decisions that have been collected, digested, and expanded upon in BNA s Human Resources Library, the complete, must-have resource for HR professionals.