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Tales From The Front

Tales From The Front

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Tales from the Front offers an engaging and insightful look at management training from the perspective of a veteran trainer. Author Byron Kalies chronicles a year of training and real-life experiences on the front lines with wisdom and realism that reads like a personal diary. Unlike any how-to book on management training, Kalies shares the uncomfortable and unexpected moments that management trainers everywhere experience like the horrid first 20 minutes of the first session, situations where you must teach people who really don t want to be taught and training in hotels. Each week brings its own triumphs and misfortunes described in a way that makes you feel like you re having a heart-to-heart with your best friend. The 52 diary entries include: Tension in the training room First impressions are lasting impressions Role plays and videotape Evaluation the simple approach Feedback Trainerspeek or Don t You Trainer Me! How honest are you as a trainer? Preparation Presenter s fears The dangers of large organizations You ll find a sympathetic voice in this author and be relieved to learn you are not alone in the tears, frustrations and stresses you experience on the job. Best of all, you ll discover how to learn from it all and be even more determined to become the best trainer you can.