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Cases in Government Succession Planning

Cases in Government Succession Planning

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If you re responsible for succession planning and related practices at the government level, you know succession planning in government is different than in other sectors. And you may wonder how other governmental entities have met the succession planning challenge. This unique book has the answer. It presents case studies of how real managers at different levels of government and in different settings addressed the succession challenges. Cases in Government Succession Planning is designed for government leaders, government human resource professionals and students interested in government careers. In four sections, the book examines government succession planning, human capital management, workforce planning and talent management. Part I presents five cases from international settings. Part II focuses on the federal government of the United States and includes seven cases. Part III centers on state government agencies in the United States and presents five case studies. Part IV explores succession practices in local governments of the United States. In addition, a CD-ROM provides you with many resources on succession planning from case authors and public sources. You ll learn: The differences in the way public-sector and private-sector entities set up and describe their programs How models should guide action and on what basis should a program be designed and carried out Pitfalls to be avoided Lessons learned and how to apply them to your unique agency setting The appendix contains a planning checklist; a list of Web sites linking you to valuable information on talent management, succession planning and human capital management; the table of content for the CD ROM that accompanies the book; and a list of recommended resources.