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Blueprint For Success: Proven Strategies for Success & Survival

Blueprint For Success: Proven Strategies for Success & Survival

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In order to be truly successful in today s competitive world you need an edge. Blueprint for Success, Proven Strategies for Success and Survival, gives you that edge by providing proven strategies to begin the journey to a lifetime of personal, professional and financial success today! Idea Factory Expert and Leader in the field of Innovation, Frank Prince has teamed up with world renowned authors Stephen R. Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and Ken Blanchard (The One Minute Manager) to bring you Blueprint for Success. Discover proven techniques for increased revenues and wealth. Break through communication barriers, develop a successful organization with the wow factor, excel in your career and learn how to create success quickly and easily starting from the inside out. Each time you read a book that contains the experiences of successful people you advance on your own personal road to success. The authors have, in interesting and innovative ways developed their own blueprints that paved the way for their success. And now, you get to hear their success secrets. Like an architectural blueprint, this book offers strategies and actions you can use right now to be at the top of your game. Do you want to? * Unlock Your Personal Power of Influence for Personal and Professional Success * Manifest Financial Success with the Psychology of Money *Be an effective communicator with 7 Secrets for Effective Leadership *Recession Proof Your Business with Brand Loyalty and Customer Service *Learn how to motivate and influence others Master the art of negotiation to create a win win every time *Activate the characteristic traits of a mentor and how to go from good to great If YES, then you need to read this book. Expand your horizons and gain a new perspective on how to achieve success. For so many, professional success is often achieved, yet personal satisfaction remains elusive. You will also learn how to: *Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle in a challenging world *How to remove your Mental Blocks to Success Reactivate your Passion for Life! And that is not all... Additionally, each chapter features the insider profiles of the thought leaders, each offering their own unique insights on the keys to success and how to integrate them into your own life.