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Sun Tzu: The Art of War for the Modern Executive

Sun Tzu: The Art of War for the Modern Executive

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In this revealing and enlightening presentation, Dr. Alexander gives a full account of Sun Tzu's remarkable book. He gives many examples of how this text can be interpreted not only as a guide to Sun Tzu's bold and aggressive military strategies but also as a lexicon of practical business lessons. The reader will learn to comprehend competitive advantage, develop successful strategies and understand management, leadership, finance and marketing from Sun Tzu's unique perspective of ancient wisdom. This version of Sun Tzu is an unusual combination of East Asia And Chinese history, martial arts and business applications. It isn't like any other version you've looked at before. It examines and analyzes Sun Tzu's wisdom from a number of different perspectives that are often if not mutually exclusive certainly vastly different. It looks at Sun Tzu from the eyes of a historian, a military man, a martial artist and a business executive! This book is not only a fascinating read but is also a truly practical guide for business and contains knowledge that the modern executive and entrepreneur should not be without!