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Measuring the Unmeasurable: How to Absolutely know that Your Training Invest Improves Performance

Measuring the Unmeasurable: How to Absolutely know that Your Training Invest Improves Performance

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Today's competitive businesses thrive on actionable information-information that can easily be used as a guide to decision-making and organizational planning. When discussion moves to the multi-billion dollar business of corporate training, it becomes obvious that there is a serious gap between what is needed and what is provided. Over 75% of business leaders want information about what impact the training has on employee behavior, but less than 15% say they are getting it! If you are one of those charged with the responsibility of identifying and measuring behavioral change results from training and strategic business initiatives, you have your work cut out for you. The science that makes this information available is called "psychometrics." Most people have never heard of the science, let alone become comfortable with how it works. There is information out there, but most of it is written like a graduate school text in statistics. Not this one! Through the use of insightful, humorous analogies, the reader is gently led through the perils and pitfalls of psychology, statistics, and organizational behavior idiosyncrasies. Dr. Bob Thompson creates a roadmap, a working understanding, of how psychometrics can be applied to get actionable information, with an intriguing blend of humor, innovation, and common sense rarely seen in a breakthrough work of this type. AboutAuthor: Robert D. (Dr. Bob) Thompson is a pioneer in assessment strategies and measurement innovations. With over fifteen years experience in measuring organizational outcomes, you would think he would have written a book before now... but no, he didn't. Then he got involved with this Olivieri guy (pictured below) who convinced him people would still buy his book, even if he made numerous references to porcupines (which for some reason Dr. Bob finds extremely funny)... William Olivieri doesn't care much about porcupines. However as a successful business consultant for the past twenty-five years, he has learned that the brightest people are a little strange...but when properly coached and motivated, might write something worth reading. Apparently he was right.