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Earning Success

Earning Success

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Authors John G. Mengelson and Bill Lisowski use their 60-plus years of combined business experience to give you the right questions to ask when managing the People, Processes, and Technology that are the foundation of your organization. With these questions, and the 225-item Action Plan provided in this book, you are given the requisite tools for Earning Success! This book is for you if you are: A Team Manager who wants to make a dramatic statement instituting sustainable improvement and growth. A Director who wants a better roadmap to success. A Vice President who recognizes organizational problems exist and wants a fresh new way to identify solutions to bring the organization along. Member, Boards of Directors, especially for family-owned businesses, who wants strong questions to ask to ensure organizational growth and success. An Entrepreneur who started as a great sales person and now wants to strengthen their management skills to lead their growing organization to the next level. You can't know what you don't know when it comes to Earning Success!