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Pension Fund Governance: A Global Perspective on Financial Regulation

Pension Fund Governance: A Global Perspective on Financial Regulation

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The academic literature on pension governance is sparse and this book will fill some important gaps by bringing together original contributions from around the world on subjects related to the area. The book initially lays out the main frameworks for pension fund governance and then goes on to examine global governance practice and experience and country studies on pension funds in the United States and Australia. The final section of this in-depth study discusses the role of government guarantees. The editors and contributors to this book have struck a balance between the various dimensions of the governance problem. Whilst ensuring that the theoretical frameworks are represented, at the same time, they have also recognized that it is vital to report on empirical work. Private pensions are examined closely, while also acknowledging that public pension funds are extremely important actors. Pension Fund Governance will appeal to academics and researchers of financial economics and financial management, as well as those in the fields of public finance and public sector economics. Furthermore the book will also find an audience among those in commercial and policy roles which involve pensions, including pension actuaries.