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Lean for Practitioners - An Introduction to Lean for Healthcare Organisations

Lean for Practitioners - An Introduction to Lean for Healthcare Organisations

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Lean is an exciting and modern way to develop and improve healthcare services and can form the basis of a culture of continuous improvement within any organisation, and particularly within large and complex healthcare organisations. This book has been written as a starter guide for those involved in delivering Lean in healthcare organisations and covers not only the tools but also the theory and the practice of 'the journey to Lean'. It has been written in the knowledge that the people who will benefit most from reading it will be busy people and therefore it has a minimum of jargon and focuses on the most important tools and concepts of Lean without lots of the 'fluff' that surrounds Lean. The simple message of this book is that Lean is not a Black Art and can be done by anyone, anywhere and at anytime. "Excellent! This is a clear and concise handbook that is kept simple with an easy to understand approach to the philosophy and implementation of Lean within a Healthcare environment." Carla Bickley, HEAD OF ADDICTION SERVICES, WOLVERHAMPTON CITY PCT The handbook is set out in clear step by step chapters to enable the reader to fully engage with the idea of understanding the 'how' of Lean. It is written in a straightforward way that makes 'Lean' instantly understandable and, most exciting of all, inspiring. Fabulous!" Deborah Dearden SERVICE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, PETERBOROUGH & STAMFORD HOSPITALS NHSFT "This is a must have for anyone starting out on the Lean journey and I wish I'd had it when I started out on my improvement journey! It is a simple guide written in clear language that anyone can understand. We will be giving it to all of our new stakeholders to ensure we speak the same language and they have a book in their back pocket to refer to whilst they are gaining enlightenment." Kerry Basnett, HEAD OF SERVICE IMPROVEMENT SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL NHS TRUST