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Inflation Risks & Products Complete Gde

Inflation Risks & Products Complete Gde

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The recent exceptional surge in inflation has been a global phenomenon and has had an important impact on the financial markets across the globe. Inflation risk has become a key priority for financial players. This has led them to focus on inflation related financial products like property derivatives, infrastructure assets and commodities on the connection between inflation and short term-rates. Inflation Risks and Products: The Complete Guide explains in detail both the connection of financial instruments with inflation risk, and what are the opportunities in the inflation-linked products today and their strategic application in the future. This multi-contributor book allows you to learn from the sector's foremost experts from investment banks, asset management, hedge funds, debt management, insurance, pension funds and risk management consulting. Presenting you with solid, practical guidance and illustrated with global case studies, Inflation Risks and Products will help you to improve your investment and hedging strategies and gain a clear understanding of: the complex relationship between inflation and inflation related products like property derivatives and infrastructure asset and commodities; the products and the development of the fast growing inflation market; how to overcome the challenges of modelling and pricing innovative structured and derivatives inflation products; trading strategies; the latest investment opportunities for hedge funds and asset and liability managers; the benefits of inflation-linked products for sovereign and corporate issuers. This is essential reading for product structurers, inflation traders, corporate and financial institution treasurers, hedge fund managers, pension funds, asset and liability managers, securitisation professionals and accounting professionals.