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Mortgage & Real Estate Finance

Mortgage & Real Estate Finance

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Mortgage and Real Estate Finance, edited by Stefania Perrucci, gives an in-depth overview of both the primary and secondary mortgage market. It provides a much-needed analysis of the latest innovations in the market, and serves as a crucial guide to taking advantage of the current environment. Written from a practitioner s perspective, but with important academic contributions, this book covers: History of the Market from the Great Depression till today Loan Origination and Underwriting Structures used in Securitisation and Arbitrage Agency Mortgage Market and CMOs Alt-A and Subprime Market Non-traditional Mortgage Products Real Estate Indexes and Trading Modelling of Prepayments and Credit New Resources for Mortgage Analytics Risk Management of Mortgage Securities Investing and Opportunities in Mortgages Rating Agencies Perspective Servicing in a Distressed Environment Regulatory and Policy Issues The focus of the book is to develop understanding and insight on the relevant factors that will influence how the market will evolve in the foreseeable future, and how to use this knowledge to take advantage of the current dislocation. Mortgage and Real Estate Finance is recommended reading for portfolio managers, analysts, risk managers, researchers and academics. It will also be beneficial to anyone interested in understanding the interaction of the many players and moving parts of the mortgage structured market.