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Moving Towards Your Leadership Destiny

Moving Towards Your Leadership Destiny

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Great leadership is 'the art of moving people and situations profitably'. This book simply, yet profoundly, sets out these lessons, with clear and current examples of their implementation: Confidence: true confidence stems from a knowledge of life, people and the technical aspects of all spheres of a situation/business. E-Do factor: people are complex beings, yet life is simple and comprises only two processes - evaluating and doing. Do-Done principle: this must be one of the oldest teachings around - do to others as you'd have done to you. Law of movement: since great leadership is the art of movement it is necessary to look at what factors make for effective movement. Adjustor: no plan or task, whether corporate or personal, is ever without its obstacles. Resistance to movement: learning that resistance is not necessarily your enemy, but rather a worthy opponent. Attitudinal modes: this is not simply about positive thoughts reaping positive rewards. Confrontation: most people avoid confrontation altogether while others innately believe it will be unpleasant so launch into any confrontational situation in defence-mode. These are just a few of the principles set out in this book. It is logically and simply constructed and makes use of examples that a parent can apply to a home environment as well as a CEO to the boardroom.