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The Myth of the Great Depression

The Myth of the Great Depression

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While most narratives of the Great Depression chronicle the pain and struggles of the common folk, this account takes a drastically different approach—telling stories of health and happiness in the 1930s. In Australia, as in most of the world, the Great Depression obliterated jobs, bank balances, and, by all accounts, optimism. When Potts interviewed Australians who remembered the period, however, he found that many spoke with surprising affection, recalling that it seemed "people were happier then." In this lively social history, the author displays a unique perspective on not only the Great Depression, but on what brings happiness. Archives, official statistics, and the first-hand accounts of more than 1,200 survivors prove that despite the reality of the struggle, there are compelling tales of resilience and happiness even among those who were lost, poor, and unemployed.