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The Future of Less

The Future of Less

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You are on the verge of a transformation in your personal and business life, a transformation driven by the future of less. The wireless, paperless, and cashless revolutions will profoundly impact virtually every aspect of how you live, work, and play. How can you prepare for these huge inevitable changes? How can you ensure that these revolutions will make your life more convenient and more secure, and make your business more profitable? In this insightful examination of America's technological future, author Allen H. Kupetz analyzes the innovations that will soon make wires, paper, and cash obsolete. A president of a global consulting firm and academic, Kupetz combines theoretical discussion with real-world experience, taking you on a tour of the communications frontier. You will see how the future is actually playing out in countries like Japan and South Korea, and you will learn how countries like China and India may be better positioned than the United States to take advantage of the coming revolutions. An eye-opening look into the not-so-distant future, The Future of Less will teach you what's coming and how to use the new wireless, paperless, and cashless technologies that are just over the horizon to simplify your life and help your business grow.