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Wishing Won't Do It: Financial Planning Will

Wishing Won't Do It: Financial Planning Will

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Each year Americans spend more time planning their vacations than planning for their retirement. We're obsessive about acquiring the latest electronic gadget, while we buy bigger and bigger vehicles. We pay for most of these things on credit and in the process destroy the family budget. Instant gratification has become the norm. If this trend continues, our economy and our way of life may be in jeopardy. Dave's 17-Point Plan for Success provides a proven method for a successful family financial plan. Life Strategies: developing good financial habits, reducing debt, learning how to achieve financial goals Money Strategies: saving versus investing; investing the way you drive; mutual funds, annuities, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s, IRAs; which one and when Family Strategies: teaching your children, dealing with the finances of aging parents, creating your own family plan Tax Strategies: saving taxes, deferring taxes, understanding capital gains taxes