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Demystifying Distribution 2.0

Demystifying Distribution 2.0

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The hospitality industry deals with a wide and varied array of partners, intermediaries, and electronic distribution channels in order to deliver guests to a hotel. From information gathering, through reservations and booking revisions, to post-stay follow-up, there are many systems with which a traveler and a hotel may interact. The hotel industry has been grappling with understanding the constant changes in these channels of distribution. The 2004 edition of DeMystifying Distribution has been updated in Demystifying Distribution 2.0 to reflect the many innovations and consumer trends that have affected distribution channel management in the last two years. Some of the areas that are introduced or updated: ·Dynamics between OTAs and suppliers ·PMS technology updates ·Distribution cost comparisons ·GDS functionality and competitive response to OTAs and supplier websites ·Channel management technology ·The evolving role of travel agents A·The range of search engine marketing options ·The emerging role of meta-search ·Booking engine technology available ·Social media tools ·Consumer trends in mobility and social networking ·Online metrics and the use of web analytics ·Interviews with hotel company distribution executives ·Interviews with resort company executives ·Interviews with GDS and OTA executives