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Front Feed: A Research Process for Organizational Change

Front Feed: A Research Process for Organizational Change

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'Front Feed' is a newly introduced term defined with this study. The new concept is used to explore whether determining employees' perceptions and priorities prior to the development of programs, policies, or processes is beneficial to management. This multiple case study research project introduces the concept of Front Feed in relation to the development of cultural diversity programs. Three nonprofit 501(c)3 agencies, tax-exempt organizations governed by a board of directors committed to meeting a public need, participated in separate case studies. The findings indicate that Front Feed, with additional steps, may offer a tool for managers to enhance the management-worker relationship, improve the quality of programs and processes developed, and save valuable time overall. This research was designed for replication and analytical generalization. The forms, surveys, and interview questions are included to ease furthering the research. This study can be modified for use in research related to management, evaluation processes, employee development, and to continue research on development of cultural diversity programs within all management sectors