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Dual Control

Dual Control

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Early attempts to establish scientific groundings for management are universally understood to have failed. Nonetheless, throughout the Twentieth Century, progress was made in defining elements of a scientific approach. Though not fully assimilated into the management literature and practice, elements of these approaches are found in what are known as quality techniques, lean production, and six sigma.Dual Control outlines the history of this effort while considering information processing models that reflect quality/lean methods. The object is to maintain control of organizational resources while conquering the competitive and environmental ravages of variation in process along networks of providers.Dual Control considers a paradox faced by all organizations: How to protect the assets and prerogatives of the organization while encouraging openness and immersion in social networks that include competing factors.This work documents the early efforts of the author to define and understand the concept of knowledge fluidity within an organization and its various social and commercial networks. It serves as a text in the introduction of dual control into the management curriculum.