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Solutions for a 21st Century Economy

Solutions for a 21st Century Economy

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The future of the U.S economy is in question. Unemployment in the U.S. is at high levels as companies downsize and more jobs leave the country. The U.S. dollar continues to weaken along with high trade and budget deficits. The mortgage lending crisis lingers as housing prices continue to decline. Prices for energy, food, and health care keep rising. What is the best way to boost the economy? There are some new answers that have been promoted but not tested. Does Richard Florida's Creative Class theory-cities with more talent, technology, and tolerance-actually add more jobs? Do cities with more social capital-where people use social networks, are more civic-minded and trusting, and are more engaged in their community-have better economic growth? Does economic freedom add more jobs in states that have smaller governments, fewer torts, less taxes, and reduced welfare spending? Can traditional Keynesian government spending still create economic growth in the 21st century? Brent M. Eastwood, PhD, answers these questions and more while offering in-depth empirical evidence to support his own solutions for a 21st century economy.