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Dealing with Significant Organizational Change: Issues and Strategies

Dealing with Significant Organizational Change: Issues and Strategies

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Change is inevitable in this global environment. Thebusiness as usual" sentiments are now past memories.Organizations both profit and non-profit are beingchallenged to find new and better ways to compete intheir marketplaces. At the forefront of thischallenge is the need to be prepared and deal withsignificant change that is considered frame-breakingradical and revolutionary. Those who rise andwillingly accept the challenge of dealing with thisculture-influencing phenomenon will increase theirchances to maintain a competitive edge. This bookidentifies the issues of significant change andprovides some considerations in preparing for anorganizational transformation. Based on bothqualitative and quantitative research the methodsprovide support of the findings. The materialpresented will aid those who are involved withsignificant change to gain a better understanding ofthe underlying subject matter as well as identifystrategies to turn challenges into opportunities."BUS041000Chrusciel Donald Don Chrusciel, Ph.D., M.S., MBA earned his Doctorate inIndustrial Education and Technology from Iowa State University, aMBA from California State University and a Master\'s degree fromUW-Milwaukee. Research interests are significant/strategicchange, leadership, process improvement, value metrics and theimpact of technology on the organization.