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Trend-based Innovation Management: Effectively Utilizing Ongoing Change

Trend-based Innovation Management: Effectively Utilizing Ongoing Change

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Change is the very constant that is ruling the(business) world. The task of Management task is toutilize change in order to prepare and successfullylead the company into the future. A crucial andeffective measure in this endeavour is Innovation:creating the new. Companies need to constantly innovate and redefinethemselves in todays world in order to keep up. Manyinnovative efforts, however, turn out as failuressince they do not account for the element of change.After conducting large scale market researchincluding numerous consumer surveys, findings arethat a new product will most likely be embraced bythe market. Embraced today, - but what abouttomorrow? How can ongoing developments beincorporated into innovation? This includes questionssuch as: How exactly does change reveal itself in adynamic society? What are its underlying drivers? This book will provide an overview of how businessescan lead more effectively by focussing theirinnovativeness on the change that is really takingplace. It is targeted at decision makers in businessand beyond as well as students of economics andbusiness administration.