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Taiwan - Not Made In China

Taiwan - Not Made In China

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The strained relations between Taiwan and China havealways been strongly debated. However, most of theauthors discussing this issue tend to concentrateonly on the political and economic aspects whileneglecting the importance of the historicalbackground and the questions of culture and identity. For this reason our main ambition is to study theTaiwan-issue from as much viewpoints as possible. Webegin with the overview of the Taiwanese history. Wealso deal with the issue of the Taiwanese economy,concentrating on the unique economic miracle. What ismore, we scrutinise the Taiwanese identity which hasbecome an interesting issue in the past decades. We would like to argue that Taiwan has the right tobe recognised as an independent, sovereign state andto take its due place in the internationalorganisations. We believe that China should acceptthe present developments and recognise Taiwan as anindependent country. Our analysis could be really informative for thosewho are interested in any aspect of theChinese-Taiwanese relations and for anyone intendingto know more about this wonderful island.