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The Capital Guide to China's Investment Management Industry

The Capital Guide to China's Investment Management Industry

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The purpose of the Capital Guide to China s Investment Management Industry is to provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of the buy-side of China s capital markets. Specific issues covered include: Sizing and segmentation: How big is the market? How many players are actively engaged in this market? Which are the key institutions? In trying to answer these questions the author has built a multi-dimensional view of today s market structure. Development: How has the market developed? What are the key factors driving and constraining the development of the industry? What is the competitive environment like? Predictive: What is the market outlook? How big is it likely to get in the medium- to long-term? What are, and what will be, the significant opportunities for both domestic Chinese and international players? Will the asset classes be big enough to soak the pools of liquidity and capital? The definition of China s investment management industry is very broad for the purposes of the book and includes traditional institutional money managers such as mutual fund and life insurance companies, as well as how banks, both domestic and foreign, are gearing themselves to actively manage the huge pool of domestic savings that the Chinese population has accumulated. An aspect of the market rarely covered by research in this field will also be discussed namely, the role of the unregulated market or grey funds in China. Finally, pensions and qualified domestic institutional investors will also be covered. Introduction Chapter One: Current Situation Chapter Two: Market Drivers Chapter Three: Constraints on the Market Chapter Four: Banks (wealth management strategy) Chapter Five: Fund Management (both domestic and foreign joint ventures) Chapter Six: Life Insurance Companies Chapter Seven: Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors Chapter Eight: Gray Funds (the unregulated market) Chapter Nine: Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors Chapter Ten: Pension and the National Social Security Fund Conclusion Appendices: Glossary of Terms Selected Regulations Author Profile Overview of Matrix Contacts