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Promoting Yourself

Promoting Yourself

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Do you want to take control of your career and achieve greater pay increases, get that promotion, get a better job, or land your first job if preparing to graduate from college? If you want to know how to dramatically enlarge your yearly pay increases, be a top candidate for your next promotion, or just set yourself apart from the other applicants, Promoting Yourself by Stephen Jennings should be the first step in your game plan. Unlike other books on the market about resume writing or job seeking, this book adds a new dimension that will truly help you achieve your goals as you create your own Success Binder that will bring your experiences and achievements to life. Propel your ability to gain the greatest pay increases possible, be selected for the promotion, or be hired for the job you want with these timeless and invaluable skills that readers can use for a lifetime, including: Step-by-step instructions for developing a Success Binder How to use your Success Binder to get the job, promotion, or raise Situational interview questions and answers Sample cover letters and resumes Tips for recent or future college graduates Additional resources and tips at www.promotingyourself.net