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The Big Gamble: Dangers of the FairTax

The Big Gamble: Dangers of the FairTax

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Millions of Americans have become attracted to the alluring promises of the FairTax movement that is promoting a radical plan to replace income taxes with a national retail sales tax. In The Big Gamble you will find all the information you need to refute the arguments of even the most ardent FairTax advocates. In this book you will learn: There are six serious fallacies in the heralded embedded tax concept?a concept that is the cornerstone of the FairTax plan. The FairTax would be an exceptionally easy tax to avoid, creating the potential for catastrophic revenue failure. The proposed 23-percent national sales tax is, in reality, a 30-percent tax, but even at that level, would likely not generate sufficient revenue to fund both the Federal Government and Social Security. The sales tax rebate feature built into the plan would be the largest and most expensive entitlement program in U.S. history. Collecting the tax could require an enforcement agency that would make Americans long for the IRS. And many other problems inherent in the FairTax!