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The National Debt? The Sinking of America!

The National Debt? The Sinking of America!

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The National Debt? The Sinking of America! is a nonfiction work that may appeal to readers who are interested in politics, current events, and the economy. It delves into our current economic state and how we got here through rampant scandals, hypocrisy of our elected officials, widespread corruption in Congress, and large sums of money wasted. The work then discusses the national debt at length, with the author?s insights on the mechanics of the national debt. This book magnifies the fact that the government uses smoke and mirrors to deceive the public on the seriousness of the situation. The national debt has grown tremendously over the generations and how that has impacted our standard of living. There are humorous and serious insightful solutions offered to solve the national debt problem. The work ends with encouraging Americans to ask more questions of elected officials and political candidates.