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Classics in Corporate Law and Economics (Elgar Mini Series)

Classics in Corporate Law and Economics (Elgar Mini Series)

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`Jonathan Macey's Classics in Corporate Law and Economics ties together a collection of some of the most interesting and creative writers on the subject of law and economics since its birth as a discipline. Beginning with the foundations of the economics of corporate law and a look at the Coasean perspective, the work comprises of a two volume array of essays that provide an enlightening and in-depth consideration of the most current and essential issues in the field today. The book is a masterpiece long over due and will surely be heralded as a "classic" in itself for a long time to come.' - Peter Nobel, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland `An invaluable set for everyone with an interest in the theoretical foundations of business corporations. Covering both classic and more contemporary thought, the collection provides readers with an excellent survey of how corporate scholarship has evolved and developed in the past decades.' - Hideki Kanda, University of Tokyo, Japan The spate of corporate governance scandals in the US, Asia and Europe during the late 1990s has renewed interest in the role of corporations in society. International organizations such as the World Bank and OECD have come to recognize that corporate law plays an important role in economic development and GDP growth. In this timely and important collection, Jonathan Macey presents the key papers that have influenced the development of corporate law scholarship. The many topics covered include the foundations of the economics of corporate law, the corporation as a nexus of contracts, corporate law from a Coasean perspective, insider trading and jurisdictional competition. The articles and the editor's authoritative introduction are essential readings for those with an interest in corporate law and its economic underpinnings.