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Viral Change

Viral Change

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Most conventional 'change management' programmes fail. This is mainly due to the fact that they are often based on wrong assumptions such as: . When we change the process/system, people will change their behaviour . Changes need to come from the top and filter down . Big changes need big actions . Cultural change is a painful, long-term process with no short-term results Viral Change(TM) provides a completely different framework for change. It is based on recent 'discoveries' across disciplines such as network and behavioural sciences. It shows how a combination of the right language and frame, a small set of non-negotiable behaviours (all spread by a small number of activists) and the creation of 'tipping points', creates lasting cultural change in organisations. Unlike conventional methods of change management, Viral Change(TM) is faster, far more effective, potentially more inclusive and certainly long lasting. Since change is constantly present in any organisation, this book will appeal to people at different levels of management or leadership, who want to reshape their culture through the power of internal social networks and aim at greater organisational effectiveness in day-to-day organisational life (not just during change initiatives).