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Marketing Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance-Driven Marketing Organization

Marketing Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance-Driven Marketing Organization

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About Marketing Metrics in Action Talk about marketing accountability has become almost commonplace. And most marketing executives get it. They understand the need to know the numbers. The real question is, Which numbers? Marketing Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance-Driven Marketing Organization answers those questions and addresses those problems with a balance of sound theory and technique and practical application. The author, a veteran of marketing on both sides, the client side and the consultant side, explains how you need to make marketing metrics work for you. First, every company s product makeup, competitive situation, resources, and internal strengths and weaknesses differ. So do its needs for particular metrics. It is necessary to be able to identify which metrics matter to your organization s circumstances. Next it is necessary to create a culture of accountability. Everyone in the organization has to be and be seen as being on the same side and on the same page. Finance can t be seen as the enemy, and Sales and Marketing need work especially hard to coordinate their efforts. But this sense of accountability needs to extend from the C-Suite to the customer service and order entry people. Everyone must be on board. With buy-in from the entire organization, using quality approaches and sophisticated ideas have a much better chance of success in the marketplace. A metrics audit will help establish where you are now, and mapping will enable you to align processes to better develop your dashboard. Chapters on systems and tools and skills and training, with important contributions by key industry thought leaders, conclude the main body of the book. A glossary and an appendix of sample process maps end the book. Newly minted MBAs, flush with confidence, are often heard to say, Forget that other stuff. Just give me your number. Tell me what metric you re using. Marketing Metrics in Action does much more than just give you a number or a one-size-fits-all formula. It provides wise counsel for identifying which metrics matter most to your organization and practical guidance for putting all the sophisticated marketing tools to profitable use in your company.