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Create Your Own Magic for CLNC Success, Second Edition

Create Your Own Magic for CLNC Success, Second Edition

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From fantasy to reality, from vision to creation, this unique book of 91 devilishly practical potions leads you step by step to the magical world of CLNC success. It takes you beyond the boundaries of fear and uncertainty and on to the exhilarating height of financial independence and career satisfaction.Always at your side on this challenging quest is Inc. Top 10 Entrepreneur and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD who has guided thousands of registered nurses on this sesational journey to achievement and prosperity. She pioneered the field of legal nurse consulting and blazed the trail for all RNs seeking new career adventures as Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. Combining wit, wisdom and a bit of wizardry, Vickie presnts 91 powerful potions of expertise to enrich your CLNC practice. Packed with proven, practical advice, this incisive book will bewitch you with its clarity and charm you with its simplicity. Vickie's 91 magic potions cover everything from business develpment to organization to management to budgeting to marketing and sales. Here are just a few of her 91 entrepreneurial potions for CLNC success. Ignite your passion. Plan for your sweet spell of success. Use CLNC subcontractors to build your magic kingdo. Write with supernatural persuasion. Open sesame with your introductory letter. Tame the gatekeeper dragon. Negotiate a wizard's fee. Organize your wizard's workshop. Dazzle prospects with your promotional package. Enjoy a lifetime of golden eggs. This elightful success book is a must for any CLNC consultant wishing to ride the magic carpet into the world of entrepreneurial excellence. Dip in anywhere for tips and quips, quotes and suggestions or curl up for a downright spellbinding read. Conjure up powrful and effective spells and potions as you create your own magic for CLNC success.