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Manager's Dialogs

Manager's Dialogs

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Differences of perceptions in business practices and behavior often impede the successful formation and stability of business relationships around the world. The body of the book offers an approach to intercultural under­standing and coordinated action in business. Based on interviews and a business game conducted with Austrian and Thai managers, the author developed two structural models on intercultural initiation- and negotiation processes using the qualitative research method GABEK. Simulated as well as real dialogs shed light on how these managers deal with their 'flat tires' when experiencing negotiation situations. The results are profound information on basic values, goals, measures, and constraints in business relations. Further, the author invites to reflect and become aware of strengths and weak­nesses of both culture groups involved. This book refers to everyone who is interested in understanding and mastering intercultural challenges - researchers in the qualitative re­search area, trainers, and today`s managers and leaders.