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Exploring the Hungarian Culture under Foreign Prisma

Exploring the Hungarian Culture under Foreign Prisma

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In our daily life, we confront with people from different nations. Whether we travel, work or just walk on the street, a situation can occur, when we must react appropriate. The trend of globalization, in today's business environment also calls for global citizens with advanced intercultural communication skills. During the inter­nationalized activities there is a high danger for problems because of the lack of intercultural understanding. Intercultural communication as an object of study and analysis is regarded as a special case of interpersonal communication and takes place during the interaction among people of different cultural identities. Due to the difference in the models of codification, it is expected that in a multicultural environment there will possibly be more misunderstandings and misinterpretations in the decipherment of the messages. This means that the effective intercultural communication presupposes the awareness of the other person's cultural reality. The aim of the authors with creating their first book was to give a helping hand to all those, who whether travel or go to work into a different, foreign culture, let it be not only Hungary, but any other country.