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Czech Employers` Associations and the Social Dialogue

Czech Employers` Associations and the Social Dialogue

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Employers associations` represent new institutions in many central and eastern European countries that only emerged in the early 1990s after the fall of the communist regime. These institutions are still rather weak and their membership base is modest.This book examines whether the Czech EU accession had a positive effect on the employers` associations and the social dialogue in the Czech Republic.The author starts with a theoretic introduction on social dialogue and employers` associations and sets up hypotheses. Afterwards, she presents a detailed analysis of the Czech employers` confederations and associations. The following chapters provide an overview of the Czech trade unions and the social dialogue on the national, sectoral and company level. Finally, she draws conclusions with regards to the hypotheses.The main result is that the EU accession only had a temporary bolstering impact on the employers` associations and on the social dialogue. Due to insufficient structural conditions they could not permanently take over social and economic functions.The book addresses industrial relations researchers, social partners as well as political decision makers.