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BPR Business Process Redesign

BPR Business Process Redesign

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Business Redesign continually receives interest from management. Many enterprises are engaged in BPR and have realized all embracing or partial restructuring of their business processess. BPR implies change. At the same time required changes are being implemented, the conduct of business has to continue without interruption. Although the aim is for a quantum leap in performance of the organization, the interdependencies of processess often do not allow introduction of changes all at once. Introduction in careful and well-balanced steps can accommodate uninterrupted operations without losing the pace required or investing too much in intermediate measures and systems. By making a blueprint of the future situation and a scenario for the implementation, the strategic objectives can be translated into concrete implementation projects. This approach accommodates the various roles and tasks of people involved. Restructuring of the work processess implies that management carries out the required changes, which have consequences for the organization and everyone in it. This book serves as an orientation and guide to those who are responsible or will be involved in the planning and execution of these changes.