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A lean way to LEAN

A lean way to LEAN

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A lean way to LEAN, the scenario to downsize waste. In every organization continuous improvement of the core processes is essential to survive. There are many methods for initiating such improvement. How do you select the right one? The authors of this book have selected the very best elements from all the different methods available. Elements from such methods as: Toyota Production System, Balanced Scorecard, Total Quality Management and Lean Thinking. In combination these elements form a scenario that produces amazing results by means of relatively 'minor efforts in a short time'. Results that are both visible and measurable. The scenario is practical and easy to follow. 'A lean way to lean' outlines a clear step-by-step approach to make an organization lean and to keep it lean without luxury or overspending and at a minimum expense. The book is intended for anyone who is engaged in or is planning an improvement project, in both the profit as non-profit sectors.