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A NEW LEADERSHIP ETHOS - The Ability to Predict

A NEW LEADERSHIP ETHOS - The Ability to Predict

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An exceptionally stimulating book on leadership that breaks from so many leadership books on the market. In 'A New Leadership Ethos,' the author weaves deep connections between seemingly disparate fields to shed new light on our understanding of leadership. Drawing from history, philosophy, physics, religion, systems theory, ecological models, and the behavioral sciences, leadership scholars and practitioners are given a new lens through which to view the field. This lens will shed light on an increasingly popular topic. The coup de grace appears near the end of the book when the author presents eight breakthrough trends in leadership. Drawing on case studies, practical experience, and a systematic literature review across levels of analysis, the author challenges the reader to think in 'out-of-the-box' ways about leadership. In so doing, he helps advance both the science and practice of leadership.