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Starting and Running a Catering Business, 2nd edition

Starting and Running a Catering Business, 2nd edition

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What is catering? It's the business of preparing, presenting and serving quality food to clients. It's part of the creative hospitality business and it's lucrative if you work hard at it. This book is for the complete beginner caterer, cooks and non-cooks and caterers looking to trade up or expand their business. Catering is becoming one of the fastest-growing businesses in the booming food industry. More corporate companies are realising the importance of offering good food and service to guests and employees. Catering for those who entertain at home is a lucrative market too - thanks to the more disposable income of individuals who can afford a caterer for their events. They look for fresh food made with flair and flavour by a caterer of note. You can share in this growth market, be it in the sandwich business, weddings or marquee events. Employ yourself. Operate from dedicated premises, or, as we increasingly use our homes to their maximum potential, cater from home. This clear, comprehensive, hands-on, idea-packed book covers: your aims, personality and being your own boss; different types of catering businesses to consider; working from home or dedicated premises; your equipment and food supplies; how to get to grips with finance and marketing your business; how to approach prospective clients and keep them; how to price your service; creating menus for weddings, corporate events, drinks and dinner parties, outside catering; how to handle staff and a healthy, safe food business; and the day to day running of your venture and achieving your goals.