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The Executive Guide to Six Sigma Call Centers

The Executive Guide to Six Sigma Call Centers

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Examples of sigma use abound in the product manufacturing world. Screws and nuts really work together because product and process designers worked hard to make sure that the part variation, sigma, was held to a minimum. The concept of sigma's use in the service sector is harder to visualize. If we don't understand why we should use sigma, our use of the tool is slim. Not only do we have to use and understand sigma, additionally we must understand the science associated with its use.
So explains James Abbott in this guide for executives who want the benefits of Six Sigma in their call centers. In addition to complete explanations of queuing science, factoring, and segmentation, the book leads readers through the application of these methods to manage customer experience, reduce agent turnover, and lower wait times. Six Sigma s role in risk management and lost opportunity cost are explored, and there is comprehensive coverage of the traits of effective operations and their managers, decision-making for the five call center types, and the difference between responsibility and accountability in the call center.