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Hollywood Creative Directory, 63rd Edition (Hollywood Creative Directory)

Hollywood Creative Directory, 63rd Edition (Hollywood Creative Directory)

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The up-to-the-minute guide to finding entertainment pros * Comprehensive and current--published three times per year * Names, numbers, and addresses for more than 2,000 production companies, studios, and executives plus 12,000 producers and studio and network executives * 63rd Edition replaces ISBN 978-1-928936-61-9 / 1-928936-61-X The Hollywood Creative Directory is the authoritative, easy-to-use source for finding entertainment professionals. It’s like a gigantic Hollywood phone book, packed with names, numbers, addresses, and current titles of executives from film and television. Studios, production companies, television networks, and cable channels are listed with their preferred genres, selected credits, projects in development, and deals. A separate section contains the network, primetime, and major cable TV shows currently in production, along with staff and contact information. Comprehensive and up-to-the-minute (it’s published three times a year), the directory is used by studios, directors, producers, writers, actors, aspiring filmmakers, students, college and university libraries, researchers--everyone who wants to make it in Hollywood. Let Hollywood Creative Directory be your guide to getting your foot in the door!