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Root Cause Analysis Handbook: A Guide to Efficient and Effective Incident Investigation (Third Edition)

Root Cause Analysis Handbook: A Guide to Efficient and Effective Incident Investigation (Third Edition)

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ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS HANDBOOK: A GUIDE TO EFFECTIVE INCIDENT INVESTIGATION presents a proven system designed for investigating, categorizing, and ultimately eliminating, the root causes of incidents with safety, health, environmental, quality, reliability, and production-process impacts. Defined as a tool to help investigators describe what happened, to determine how it happened, and to understand why it happened, ABS Consulting's SOURCE (Seeking Out the Underlying Causes of Events) RCA system enables businesses to generate specific, concrete recommendations for preventing incident recurrences. Using the factual data of the incident, the system also allows quality, safety, and risk and reliability managers an opportunity to implement more reliable and more cost-effective practices that result in major, long-term opportunities for improvement. Such process improvements increase a business' ability to recover from and prevent incidents with both financial and health-and-safety implications. This is a complete revision to the 2005 edition of this book. Special features include: - A resource CD with: - Example analyses -ABS Consulting's SOURCE Investigator's Toolkit - forms and checklists to use in your RCA/incident investigation program - A sample RCA/incident investigation program - Access to ABS Consulting's on-line RCA Resources - Detailed guidance to using the Root Cause Map(tm) - A 17 by 22 inch pull-out, color Root Cause Map - a powerful tool for identifying and coding root causes - Over 120 figures and tables =========================== WHAT S NEW IN THE 2008 EDITION OF THE ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS HANDBOOK The 2008 edition of the ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS HANDBOOK incorporates many updates and new features. ABS Consulting s SOURCE(tm)incident investigation methodology continues to evolve based on the experience of ABS Consulting personnel using the technique, observation of customers using the tools we provide, and feedback from our customers. The changes incorporated into this edition make the use of the SOURCE(tm) methodology even more efficient and effective. - MORE DETAIL - CHANGES TO THE ROOT CAUSE MAP(tm) - Two layers have been added. - It has been refined to more specifically address management of change. - There is additional focus on quality issues. - It incorporates facility-specific procedures and policies. - NEW DEFINITIONS - EXCLUSIVE ONLINE RESOURCES - RESOURCE CD-ROM - SOURCE(tm) INVESTIGATOR S TOOLKIT - USE OF TIMELINES - TASK TRIANGLE MODEL ------------------------------------------- ABS GROUP INC., is an engineering firm that specializes in reliability, system safety, environmental engineering, process safety management, risk management planning and communication, and quantitative risk assessment. Its training divisions provide more than 200 courses each year in more than 35 topics. The company's principle engineers are internationally recognized experts who have extensive experience in all areas of safety, reliability, and risk assessment.