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Travel Wise: How to Be Safe, Savvy and Secure Abroad

Travel Wise: How to Be Safe, Savvy and Secure Abroad

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What makes a person travel well? In an age when an international voyage is as easy as it is unsettling, people need a variety of skills to cope with the unknown. Simple country information is not enough. You need cultural competence as well as a clear understanding of your tolerance for risk. Travel Wise combines insight and practical advice to help travelers develop the right attitude, the right training, and the right approach for a successful journey. Travel Wise is about much more than security. It is also about being clear with yourself about who you are, what resources and limitations you bring with you, how clear you are about your mission and what you are willing to risk to achieve your goal. With a solid understanding of your strengths and vulnerabilities Travel Wise will help you explore strategies for minimizing the risk and maximizing the gain in your travels. Used with countless individuals and organizations around the globe, the Travel Wise Model can guide your decision-making. Whether you are in corporate security or international HR or business planning for a corporation, running a study abroad program or are in the international NGO arena struggling to protect people when your accountability is very high but authority to control events on the ground is low, here is sage and seasoned advice. Ray Leki has worked with tens of thousands of travelers, helping to increase their chances for success in their missions - as students, workers, negotiators, soldiers, diplomats, plant managers, and tourists. Travel Wise is the result of his years of experience.