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Millennials Incorporated (2008)

Millennials Incorporated (2008)

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This is the Second Edition of Lisa's popular book and includes a bonus chapter courtesy of Robert Half International & Yahoo! HotJobs' special report about what Gen Y wants in a career. A bonus chapter from the Employee Engagement Network is also included, as well as info about Gen Y from a "global perspective". This Second Edition is loaded with all the info from the First Edition, PLUS lots more! Born in 1982, the Millennial Generation (aka: Generation Y) is no longer made-up of just kids and teens. The eldest are now graduating college and entering the professional workforce en masse! Competition is fierce to recruit them, so this means YOU need to know how to effectively recruit, manage and retain them. Most GenX and Boomer bosses have no clue who these young adults really are or what makes them tick, so they find this book to be extremely valuable! Much was written about Millennials back when they were young kids and teenagers, but Millennials Incorporated is the premier book about who they are NOW as 20-somethings. They are one of the most unique generations our country has ever seen! And with Boomers retiring by the millions over the next 5-15 years, Millennials are in high demand to be our next generation of managers, executives and leaders! Here is a small sample of what you'll learn: -- Key Millennial Traits All Employers Need to Know -- Common Challenges Managers Face With Millennials -- Hot Buttons for Attracting & Recruiting Millennial Talent -- Solid Strategies for Managing & Retaining Millennial Talent -- Sound Solutions for Motivating Millennial Talent...and Some Motivation Busters!