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Wake Up . . . Live the Life You Love: Living in Clarity

Wake Up . . . Live the Life You Love: Living in Clarity

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The concept of clarity is a challenge for the entrepreneur, artist or adventurer. While dreams and visions are an essential part of real success, there comes a time when the need is for nothing more or less than clarity: clarity of purpose, clarity of mission and clarity of plan. The process of moving from visionary to creator can be daunting. The techniques for managing the leap without losing the dream or destroying the vision may be among the most valuable secrets of the truly successful. The contributing authors have had to learn about themselves as they wrote, and the results are a first-of-its-kind volume with life-changing value to millions of people. Contibutors include Hollywood's Gavin Keilly, inspirational speaker Steven E, Dr. Lawrence Tham, Liz Thompson, Janet Bray Attwood, Gregory Scott Reid, Dr. W. Karl Parker and others.