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Determinants of International Competitiveness

Determinants of International Competitiveness

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Understanding of competitiveness has primarily been pursued in terms of economic variables and market conditions. The roles of the government, the socio-cultural-political context in international business, and their effects on competitiveness have largely been ignored. In "Determinants of International Competitiveness", the author discusses the complex strategic issues involved in global and international business and how firms from different sugar producing and marketing nations pursue international competitiveness. This study integrates perspectives from strategic management, the resource-based view of the firm, and international business to propose a conceptual framework of international competitiveness. this framework establishes links between firm, industry,strategy, and socio-political influences. It employs a qualitative method of comparative analysis between Australia, Brazil and European Union. The work highlights the variations in the theme of international competitiveness reflected through different strategies adopted by the three dominant sugar economies of the world.