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Successful Asian Women Entrepreneurs in the Western Context

Successful Asian Women Entrepreneurs in the Western Context

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Although there have been previous books on ethnic entrepreneurship with limited concentration on the participation of women in their family businesses, only few business scholars consider women as key business players. This book is unique as it explores the emerging profile of Asian women entrepreneurs in a western context through analysis of interviews with 16 Asian women in Australia. Asian women entrepreneurs bring together ethnic opportunities and personal characteristics to enhance their business performance. They balance western and Asian business and personal values. The findings in this book are significant both in terms of theoretical and practical standpoints as they contribute to the existing knowledge of ethnic entrepreneurship and female entrepreneurship. Also, this book provides useful information and suggestion for the new immigrants to the west as well as the new business owners. It also portrays success stories shared by 16 experienced and successful female business owners who are role models for the next generation of women entrepreneurs, especially those with Asian ethnic background.